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A blend of technology skills and engineering experience brought by data strategists, AI experts, data architects, data engineers, and analysts to advise and empower you on how to convert data into one of your great business assets!
When you move beyond buzzwords, trends, and competition in business, what throws a reflection of your real powerplay is DATA. Data Nectar Technosys has offered advanced data analytics consulting services for SMEs, Startups, and Enterprises from Data Strategy to Business Intelligence (BI), and Advance Analytics to Application Engineering. Our experienced team can help you steer your business seamlessly with a data-driven transformation that helps operate, optimize, and evolve your data to peak efficiency.


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BOOSTING CUSTOMER RETENTION with consumer data analytics

  • Design auto-scheduler to Integrate data from POS to the central data warehouse.
  • A prescription-based predictive model to identify potential sales & marketing opportunities
  • Store-level inventory optimisation based on FSN analysis to assure 100% availability of life-saving drugs.
  • Synchronization of customer and sales data to support customer loyalty programs at all branches.


Pharma retail chain needed to improve customer retention using a customer loyalty programs driven by customer data analytics.


Postgre SQL
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